Louise Misha

paris, bordeaux
Louise Misha - Kiss&Fly
Louise Misha - Kiss&Fly

The reflection of a bohemian universe, shimmering and deeply human. Through each of her collections, Louise Misha plays with materials and colors to imagine fashion in her own image.

Louise Misha was born in Paris in 2012, from the imagination of Marie Pidancet, who dreamed of bringing poetry to her nieces’ wardrobes. Since its inception, the designer brand has spread the bohemian spirit of its founder: a vision inherited from her poet grandfather and her infinitely free, itinerant artist grandmother, the famous “Louise”, figure of the bohemian. With the help of her childhood friend and associate Claire Moulin, Marie continues day after day to weave this bohemian journey, guided by a great deal of gentleness, curiosity and open-mindedness.

It’s an extraordinary human adventure that brings together a close-knit, caring team, talented and respectful workshops, exceptional craftsmanship and a love of the handmade, and loyal customers who make Louise Misha’s heart beat faster.