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Veev - Kiss&Fly
Veev - Kiss&Fly

VEEV’s history goes back almost a century. The manufacturer of handmade leather bags celebrates the ancestral weaving techniques born in the bustling villages of the Coromandel coast and takes them out into the world. Made by a strong community of local weavers, each bag is an ode to the progressive women of the world. Intouched by machines, it is lightly textured and designed to drape gracefully over her. Characterized by indigenous weaving textures, seductive colors with the delicate weft and warp of unique patterns, the bags are made to last.

Each VEEV bag is closely monitored to ensure that its strong values of craftsmanship, quality and authenticity are respected. Committed to providing sustainable employment for the generations of women weavers who live here, VEEV strives to build a conscious, zero-waste brand. VEEV is committed to being 100% sustainable and organic by 2025.